Sunday, August 17, 2014

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So just in case it doesn't get approved for being a valid comment, here is my response to

​I 100% agree with ladywhohacks. I was one of the chicks (and there were several of us) who helped the dudes create this amazing masterpiece of engineering. I don't normally get into the whole sexist in infosec bitchfest that manifests itself among articles like this as well as twitter, facebook, and other mediums unless I'm trolling them of course.  But I think we were all very proud of this! Every single one of us had fun erecting this magnificent structure.

​A couple things that are my views on the whole sexism stuff (I'm always willing to talk at length in private if you'd like):

1. I understand that some people have witnessed it first hand. But it's not just infosec it's life in general. Yea so have I.... so what. That doesn't mean that I'm going to get butt hurt on everything that has somewhat of a sexual connotation to it. Sex is awesome, it's in our lives everywhere, and it can be extremely funny. If it (or anything else for that matter) makes you uncomfortable, then leave or go into a profession that isn't so fun loving or crude. For God Sake McAfee signed a poster board sized goatse, and we're complaining about a tower of condoms?

2. It's awesome that they were promoting safe sex. But honestly how is it all of a sudden women being oppressed by it? Isn't it both parties responsibility to be safe? So we decided to have fun with them. I myself along with another girl and her husband created an anatomically correct Trojan horse!! Get it?!?! Well if you're complaining you either don't get it or are as equally offended.

3. How about OMG They were BLACK boxes?!?! Where are all the colored folk screaming about their feelings?! Or it started out short but then got taller. HEIGHT EQUALITY!! I'm 100% for all equality. But this isn't how you go about it. I recently had a get together at CircleCityCon in June called #girlpowerlunch Bondage & Backups. This was met with a little bit of scrutiny and some girls in infosec getting their panties all bunched up and acting like they were on a high school cheer leading squad again. Again let me reiterate, if it's something that you don't agree with ignore it. Unless it's a blatant disregard of human life or someone is going to seriously get (physically) hurt.

4. Almost every guy that I've met in this industry is extremely open and willing to teach everyone and anyone what they know and their passion. Yes there are assholes out there. But that's life. So how about we pick out the people that are actually being jerks and ostracize them instead.
In summary: grow a fucking pair and get a sense of humor


After another "incident" at Shmoocon 2015 A friend of mine decided to try and approach the topic as well and also nails it in the article and responses in the comments.

Which made me also add this, a shortened portion of a conversation that I've had with an abundance of people.

5. I know a decent amount of people in this industry that are into the con circuit. Each and every one of them would come to someone's help if there was an act of harassment or worse happening. No it doesn't always happen in public, but sometimes it does. That's what we do. we stick up for each other, we have each other's backs, we're a family. Taking care of our own is what we do.